Design Team: n. David Teixeira

Serenada began life as a heavy customization of Styrizo's Relflections SRI icon set, modified in order to match Grayhouse's 8270 visual style for Windows XP. When it became apparent that the framework for the original suite could not support the sort of icons I wanted for my interface, I decided to start from scratch, drawing inspiration from both Reflections SRI and 8270. Through a long string of evolutions up until its current form, the overiding goal has ben to balance simple geometric forms with visual interest and theme-keyed colours.

At present, the suite boasts the original colours present in Grayhouse's theme, along with a couple of new ones not present in the original themes. All icons are made for Windows, with support for any post-vista operating system. This icon suite is still considered a work in progress.

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