Design Team: n. David Teixeira

Where previous visual styles and shellstyles had been conceptualized as simple evolutions of one another, Windows 5 was a paradigm shift, capitalizing on directions never taken in the nDesk line.

Beginning as both an attempt to emulate Novoo's N3 shell replacement for litestep (without using the aforementioned shell replacement software) and an attempt to bring the visuals of Windows XP into line with those found in both Vista and 7, Windows 5 quickly became unlike any of its nDesk predecessors in the fact that it used all four sides of the desktop to hide menus and other functions, leaving the desktop open for a nice background and a bit of information chosen by the user (RSS feeds, email inbox, etc.). Unfortunately, only bits and pieces of this interface design made it out of the concept stage, most notably the beginnings of the Serenada Icon Suite.

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