Design Team: n. David Teixeira, Dalida Abou Diab, Ally McMaster, Julie Gahwiler

The second ABC design competition differed from the first in two crucial ways: first, there was no secondary support team; no group of PTECs to aid in the design and development process, due to the program being phased out four years earlier. And second, while most teams were assigned specific projects and goals right from the beginning, this was not always the case. My team in particular, was given the "blue sky" option, which meant that we were allowed to develop anything that we felt was worthwhile, and that the engineers from ABC believed would be a good fit with their company.

In the end, our team fell in line with two of the other teams in developing a product for pickup trucks (a truck bed extender in this case, once again designed for the Ford F150). The IBeX was conceived as a bed extender with added seating and storage, which would be found in its element at tailgate parties and sporting events.

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