Pickup Partition (ABC Design Competition 2006)

Design Team:n. David Teixeira, Steve Ingo, Kelly O’Reggan, Julian Borracia, Richie Caputi

For a number of years, one of the fourth-year projects in Humber's Industrial Design program has involved working with the noted ABC Group; a major manufacturer of plastic components for the automotive industry. In 2005, the project was extended to include the newly developed Product Innovation Technician (PTEC) program, helping to simulate field conditions for both programs more effectively. However in 2006 this project took on a special significance as it was both the second and final run of the great PTEC experiment. This would be the last time that both programs could use this project as a springboard to get a feel for what work would be like in the outside world.

Each team was assigned one of three projects, with my team being assigned a truck bed extender, and then later, a truck bed divider when an extender which ABC was working on came under legal fire. We chose the Ford F150 as the truck to be used for the project.

Work on the project was delegated between team members based on strengths, with the bulk of the team being assigned to work on the final model at one time or another. The mandate for this project required that a 1:1 scale model of the product be built, which proved to be a bit of an issue as our product; the pickup partition was a piecemeal replacement for the truck bed liner with the partition being permanently attached. To make sure that we could get the model off campus, all the way to ABC`s office and through the doors at their office in once piece, the team elected to make the model as a section of the truck bed.

The team placed third out of the six teams competing.