MicroPod Speaker

Design Team: n. David Teixeira, Devon Pianossi

The MicroPod Speaker system was an exercise in translation of design intent. It began as a series of sketches created by the faculty, given to teams of two which had been assembled within the class. The primary objective of this project was to determine how effectively the students could translate the intent and idea of the industrial designer`s concept sketch into a viable product.

The project required the production of an industry-grade SolidWorks model which could be used to created a rapid prototype (powder process). In addition, a sheet metal bracket needed to be fabricated in order to fit he speaker into the housing. And above all, the product could not use any internal fasteners. Any fasteners would either need to be internal, or would need to be built into the housing itself.

In addition to the prototype, each team needed to create a brochure which detailed the product and its capabilites, while selling the idea to the customer.