Kado Transit Shelter

Design Team: n. David Teixeira, Van Tzeckas, Cameron Smith

The objective was to produce a new transit shelter which could function well within the Greater Toronto Area. The final design was developed to have a virtual map-based system for ordering transit tickets, and have the entire shelter powered by a solar cell surface mounted on the roof, which would also provide additional power to the city.

Sticks and stones. These words quickly became the tagline for this particular project. Kado was built on the visual image of a rock and a tree sitting side by side. It incorporated a computerized map and payment system in to the "stone", while the "sticks" provided shelter for weary travelers. We also used this idea when selecting the colour scheme for the shelter, utilizing the green of a tree`s leaves for different element of the design. This is also where the shelter`s name comes from: "Kado" is an intentional misspelling of part of the world "avocado", the colour of which was used in the early stages of the concept.