Helping Hand (Bayer Material Science Design Competition, 2011)

Design Team: n. David Teixeira, Dalida Abou Diab

The Helping Hand was conceieved as a tool to aid the elderly and arthritic with daily tasks, which can be considerably more difficult due to reduced mobility. Over the course of the project, the design evolved from a grip-enhancing glove, to a toothbrush, and then eventually a gardening tool with modular heads, as well as potential to expand into other markets.

The Helping Hand was developed to make sure that any soil or dirt which got into the mechanism would be able to escape through a series of side channels, reducing wearon the mechanism, and making cleanup considerably easier. To accomodate the target market, the handle was oversized and given a flat base to provide a point that would give the user extra leverage.

Above all, Bayer's performance polymers would ensure a long lifespan for the product.