Design Team: Oriius (n. David Teixeira), Mr. Siika, Centurion, Lingwei, Oddbod

Game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Current Version: 0.3

Mountain Fortress (also known as Griffon Fortress) was an ambitious project to create a castle which dwarfed anything found originally in the game, in both size and detail. It featured new meshes which were crafted by Mr. Siika, and mastefully arranged by Centurion. I joined the project in early 2008, with the responsibility of created armour and costumes for the fortress guards and servants. Lingwei and Oddbod were to work on the quest and characters. However real life obligations interviened and the project stalled in late spring. Though internal releases with numerous bugfixes, an added dragon creature and a few prototypes of the armour went up to version 0.5, the last public release was version 0.3.

By mid summer the members of the team began going their separate ways. The project was picked up by jmch2002 in 2009, and has since been updated beyond the scope of the original project.

*The version linked in the download is 0.3, which contains only content developed by Mr. Siika and Centurion*

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