Design Team: Oriius (n. David Teixeira)

Game: Fallout 3

The Mutated Vault Dweller was created in response to a request on the Bethesda Softworks official forum by Danburite 2, for a project called "Unity". Unity was to feature Vault 76, along with a town made up of former vault residents and a vault full of mutated cannibals. The request was for a creature based on the "Swampfolk Bruiser/Tracker" (a creature in DLC04: Point Lookout), remade as a cannibalistic, mutated inhabitant of Vault 76, as part of a larger project which included both the vault and a nearby town established by a number of escapees from said vault.

The idea behind the appearance of these creatures was that they had just fed, and were still hungry for more (hence the red, still wet blood on their face and around their mouth). The mutations also made them freakishly strong, and a real potential threat to the player. To help differentiate them from their DLC04 cousins, I also added in facial elements from the "Trog" creature found in DLC02: The Pitt. To create the vault suit, I utilized texture elements from "DN - Vault Suit Custom Numbers" resource by DreadNaught (Arklite).

Unfortunately, the project folded and the assets that I generated sat forgotten on my hard drive, gathering dust. However I feel that two years is long enough, and so I have finally decided to release these assets to the community.

*Requires both DLC02: The Pitt and DLC04: Point Lookout*

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