Design Team: Oriius (n. David Teixeira)

Game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Current Version: 1.2.1

Glassware in on the Gamebryo engine has always been tricky. Bethesda's wine bottles were extremely simple in execution; not particularly like glass at all. Since the game's release, various authors have attempted to improve on them, however the result has more often than not been a bottle which while much more effective, does not simulate glass terribly well. Tamriellic Glassworks attempts to remedy this using an entirely different form of mesh construction, with the objective of creating realistic bottles which are pleasing to the eye and functional in the game world.

The core mod adds new wine bottle meshes, textures and icons to the game. Any variety of wine that the player may find in the game has been updated with a new and fresh look. Sit back with a bottle, uncork it, and enjoy.

Adds new bottles, and new wines to Battlehorn Castle. Each bottle has now been given a new look and icon, and you will now find that the staff offer two new wines made right at the castle: a red and a white wine for your enjoyment.

Want to make your own Tamriellic Glassworks style bottles? Here's everything you need. Have you got the kit?

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